Equality Public Policies at the local level


Berdinsarea is the network of municipalities promoted by Emakunde and Eudel that aims to be an inter-municipal, agile and effective working space to promote, strengthen, coordinate and evaluate programmes and services managed by local administrations in favour of equality and against violence against women, through the definition of joint criteria for action and evaluation.


Gender impact assessment

Drawing up regulations is one of the central tasks of public authorities, because practically everything is subject to regulations. Therefore, in order to make the gender perspective of part of the tasks of local authorities, action must be taken in this area. In this regard, Article 18 of 4/2005 Equal oppotunities between Men and Women ACT of 18 February explicitly stipulates the duty of Basque public authorities to proactively take account of the objective of equality of women and men when drawing up and applying their regulations, and Articles 19 to 21 establish the procedure to be followed to this end.

In this context, as a part of our commitment to further the equality of women and men in local Basque administration, EUDEL-Association of Basque Municipalities and EMAKUNDE-Basque Institute for Women are providing town halls and other local bodies with a new work tool.

This guide strives to act as a useful tool to help the professional agents concerned to comply with these precepts, and to this end provides them with basic information and a proposal on how to draw up preliminary gender impact assessments for their regulations, and how to incorporate measures in regulations to eliminate any inequalities and promote equality.

This publication was drawn up in collaboration with Berdinsarea with active participation by a number of town halls, alongside Eudel and Emakunde. Following a two-year collaborative working period, which included application of the tool by participating municipalities, we are providing you with a guide which has been tailor-made to our local reality, with the intention that it be used to move forward in terms of the implementation of these policies at local level.

Preliminary gender impact assesments (PDF, 500 KB)

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