Advisory Committee of Emakunde

The promotion and strengthening of the associative network of women involves promoting their participation in the design of policies and in decision-making in the different areas of public intervention.

This work has led in the past to the progressive creation of mechanisms for relations and exchanges with associations and also to the promotion and support of exchanges and coordinated work between them. The result of all this is the Emakunde Advisory Committee and the growing contribution of associations to the awareness and social changes needed to achieve a more egalitarian society.

The Advisory Committee, a body for participation formally created in 1998 and attached to Emakunde, is intended to be a channel of communication between the women’s associations and the Institute to allow the creation of a common space to make proposals, carry out reviews and provide contributions to the equality policies developed within the Community, as well as being a tool to promote and stimulate the associative movement in this sector. There are currently 12 women’s associations participating in this commission.

¿Qué es la Comisión consultiva? (Youtube)