Virgina Woolf Basqueskola

Virginia Woolf BASQUESKOLA is a place of their own for Basque mayors and councilors to meet, network and access resources and training. A SCHOOL for their individual and collective empowerment.

A NETWORK of WOMEN ELECTED OFFICIALS in the Basque Country, in large cities and small towns, in government or in the opposition, and from the whole varied political spectrum.

Virginia Woolf Basqueskola takes its name for the renowned British writer Virginia Woolf and her work A Room of One’s Own (1929). Basqueskola provides a space for Basque women elected officials to reflect on their daily practice of politics from a gender perspective. Basqueskola has an international focus. Living in a globalized world means it’s important to share knowledge and resources with networks of elected women from other countries.

This initiative was born in 2012 as a collaboration between EUDEL and Emakunde (Basque Institute for Women), in response to a need expressed by women elected officials in the course of their own political work in their municipalities. During these early years we have organized seminars on coaching, leadership and communication, and various workshops and experience sharing opportunities.

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