Equality plans

The Act establishing the Institute, as well as Act 4/2005 on Equality between Women and Men, requires Emakunde to draw up, at the beginning of each legislature, a General Plan setting out the general guidelines for equality policies for the Basque Autonomous Community.

VII Plan for the Equality of Women and Men in the Basque Autonomous Community

The VII Plan for the Equality of Women and Men is the ROADMAP designed to guide the activities undertaken by the Basque public authorities with regard to gender equality. The VII plan indicates the main general objectives that the Basque Government and its departments, provincial councils and town and city councils must pursue jointly and in a coordinated way through their own action plans, as required by the 4/2005 Equal Opportunities Act.

The VII Plan is structured into four areas of intervention:

  • Good Governance: challenges involving organizational change and/or the internal functioning of public administrations.
  • Women’s empowerment: Support and encouragement for the empowerment of women and girls on a personal, collective, social and political level. Empowerment is a requirement and a guarantee for the social transformation that leads towards the equality of women and men in the world. Without the empowerment of women, there is no equality.
  • Transformation of economies and social organization: The involvement of all social, political and economic agents is necessary to guarantee rights and contribute to a more sustainable and egalitarian social model.
  • Lives free from violence against women: Awareness-raising, prevention, detection, care, recovery and interinstitutional coordination. The focus is on prevention and comprehensive care for the surviving victims until their full recovery.

Gender Equality index

One of the fifteen strategic objectives of the Euskadi 2020 Programme by the Basque Government for the 11th Legislature is that the Basque Country become a leading country on gender equality in Europe. Achieving this requires continued progress on equality in all areas of political, economic, cultural and social life in the Basque Country. Meeting this challenge will entail the engagement of all public institutions and collaboration with the Basque Women’s Institute-Emakunde to develop the 7th Plan for Gender Equality in the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country.