To make visible, extend and activate the commitment of the Basque society to accelerate the advancement of equality between women and men and the construction of a life free from male violence in the Basque Country within the framework of the objectives of the 2030 Agenda.


The Country Pact aspires to be recognized as a platform in which the Basque society, especially the younger population, see reflected their ideals of change and transformation towards a more egalitarian country, environmentally sustainable and free from gender violence. Generating an active and committed community to building a better world for future generations.


Shared leadership: Even though the Country Pact is promoted by Emakunde, it is the result of a shared commitment with the Basque society, social, economic and political agents.

Inclusive spirit: The process of creating the Country Pact, and its implementation, involves a large and diverse number of social, economic, and political agents, together with the civil society and the Basque Government.

Participation: The Country Pact is a commitment of the whole Basque society, hence its creation and implementation process are fully participatory.

Transformative community: The Country Pact is the result of a participative process with a transformative vocation, where the Basque society, in all its diversity, sees its ideals of a more egalitarian and sustainable Basque Country, free from male violence, reflected.